Drug R&D 2025   February 10-12, 2025 | Boston, MA

Conference Overview

Drug R&D 2025, three-day program highlights pivotal platforms and technologies influencing early-stage drug pipelines, spanning from DNA-encoded libraries and phenotypic screening to AI algorithms and organoid models. Esteemed experts in target discovery and validation from various small and large biopharma entities converge to deliberate on how emerging therapeutic paradigms can surmount longstanding obstacles in drug development and yield refined, innovative drug candidates. Additional sessions delve into the integration of automation to enhance drug development processes and elevate laboratory productivity, exemplifying the competitive edge attainable in drug development through digitalization and robotics.


Four Points by Sheraton Boston Newton


February 10-12, 2025

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Learn from Influential Minds

Through our carefully curated lineup of speakers, we aim to provide unparalleled access to cutting-edge knowledge, groundbreaking research, and transformative ideas that shape the future of drug research and development.

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from and engage with representatives from industry, seasoned academics, and emerging young researchers, ensuring a comprehensive and multifaceted exploration of the topics at hand. Join us to gain unparalleled access to groundbreaking research and transformative ideas.

View Experts

Paul Richardson

Director Pfizer, San Diego, CA

Ashkan Vaziri

Founder & CEO BioSensics, Boston, MA

Gitte Pedersen

CEO & Co-Founder Genomic Expression, Beverly, MA

Jason S. Wood

Technical Service Manager BASF, Boston, MA

Kenneth A. Jacobson

Senior Investigator NIH, Bethesda, MA

Jean-Bernard Durand

MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston, TX

Event Schedule

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Agenda Topics

    • High Throughput Screening
    • Hit and Lead Identification
    • Assay Development
    • Lead Generation and Optimization
    • In Vivo and In Vitro Assays
    • Screening Compound Libraries
    • Synthetic Organic Chemistry
    • Computational Chemistry

    • Lead Optimization
    • Developing a Drug from an Optimized Lead
    • Structure based Drug Designing
    • Case studies of Successful Drugs
    • Pre-Clinical Research
    • Clinical Research
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Pharmacophore & Virtual Screening
    • ADME Characterization of Drugs or Drug Candidates

    • Ubiquitin-Induced Protein Degradation
    • Fragment-Based Drug Discovery
    • Kinase Inhibitor Chemistry
    • Macrocyclics & Constrained Peptides
    • Protein-Protein Interactions
    • Small Molecules for Immunology & Oncology
    • Encoded Libraries for Small Molecule Discovery
    • Lead Optimization for Drug Metabolism

    • Target Identification and Validation
    • Quantitation of Drug Effects
    • The Diversity of Molecular Drug Targets
    • Cell Signalling Modalities
    • Pharmacotherapy
    • Pharmacodynamics & Pharmacokinetics
    • Drug-Target Interactions
    • RNA as a Small Molecule Target

    • Preclinical Investigation
    • Clinical Investigation
    • Drug Application Review
    • Postmarketing Surveillance
    • Regulatory Process

    • Data Digitalization
    • AI: Networks and Tools
    • AI in the Lifecycle of Pharmaceutical Products
    • AI in Designing Drug Molecules
    • AI in de novo Drug Design
    • AI in Advancing Pharmaceutical Product Development
    • AI in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
    • AI in Quality Control and Quality Assurance
    • AI in Clinical Trial Design
    • AI in Pharmaceutical Product Management
    • AI in Market Positioning
    • AI in Market Prediction and Analysis
    • AI in Product Cost
    • AI-based Nanorobots for Drug Delivery
    • AI in Combination Drug Delivery and Synergism/Antagonism Prediction
    • AI Emergence in Nanomedicine
    • Pharmaceutical Market of AI
    • Ongoing Challenges In Adopting AI: Leads on Ways to Overcome

Important Dates

July 17, 2024

First Round of Abstract Submission

July 18, 2024

Abstract Acceptance Confirmation

July 12, 2024

Pre-Early Bird Deadline

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Great Reasons to Attend

Dive into the forefront of scientific inquiry where innovation meets discovery and immerse yourself in thought-provoking content that challenges convention, offering a unique perspective on the evolving landscape of R&D.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drug research and development conferences cover aspects like drug discovery, preclinical testing, clinical trials, regulatory affairs, drug formulation, biopharmaceuticals, drug delivery systems, and pharmacovigilance.
February 10-12, 2025 at Four Points by Sheraton Boston Newton
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